Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A global to please me

After hunting snarksnots for several days (weeks?) I finally got my kobold foot guards. I like the snarks though, they gave pretty good loot from time to time. Hunting snarks is so eco with no armor and just a CB5, you can easily hunt up to providers without any fapping (didn't found bigger ones in my area).
When I finally got my kobald foot guards, I dropped them into storage, stopped hunting those snarksnots and bought be a CB13. A CB13 is pretty eco, but the decay is huge, so the weapon won't last long but still a fair BLP rifle with a pretty good eco after all.
I started hunting bigger cornundacaudas, cause they were fun, gave a good return and I didn't need any fapping or armor...
But all of the sudden I realised that I hunted those snarksnots till extinction to move to my new target: Feffoids. Everybody is hunting them! They should give good loot! People hunt them for the Korss H400. So I gave them a try...
With my full kobold they were a piece of cake, and after a few dead species I got some swearlies. Hmmm... Nice ;)

Well, it's ok if you find this a piece of cake. But I like to blog them as my memory is leaking and this blog can hold it better :)


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