Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teamspeak server for UT


For those that want voice communication ingame there is now a soc solution.
There is a free team speak server where I applied for a soc area.

To use it you need:
- A headset.
- To download the teamspeak client from
- Intall it and connect to server ""
- Register an account with the "Register to server" option under "Self" menu.
- Go to the United talents room seen in the list of teamspeak rooms.

At least thats how I think it works. We probably will get a room during the day today.
If we will need a password to access our area you will have to ask me for it in soc chat.

You can read more about this on

I think it can be a great addition for soc hunts

Lots of thanks and +rep to E-Lite from Magnum Opus that have been providening this service to the EU community for the last 3 years absolutely free.

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