Monday, July 28, 2008

Neo, the new society leader since 27/07/2008

Hey folks,

I've been pretty busy IRL and still am. Therefore I found that I couldn't do my job as society leader as it should be. I'm pleased that Neo wanted to take this job on his shoulders. Neo is skilled, is very active, social and a pleasant person for newcomers (always ready to help out).

I hope you understand my dicision. I did the leader job for almost two years now. To make some things clear: if Neo decides not to be the leader anymore, or anything else I am willing to be society leader again (are someone else that is capable of).

Thanks for your understanding,
And hey! This is NO goodbye! ;)


1 comment:

Neo-The-One said...

Thanx Vinzz, I am really honered to be the new leader of the gang! I will try to continu your good work of the last 2 years and make sure everybody feels welcome and Happy in our United Talents!!!

cya soon.