Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Twist"ed thoughts

So, I went a little "too far" east of Jason Center. My bad. Anyway, as a couple of Atrax were tearing my head off, it gave me a little time to think about some other good hunting places. And what I eventually decided is that it all depends on what you want to gain (or lose -- like my head). Anyway, here's some of my "happy hunting grounds":

South of Fort Pandora: Just into the desert south of this tiny little stop is the huge eastern desert, and the first critters available are all sizes and shapes of saba and bery. Guardians, providers, etc. but if you go too far south, or toward the southwestern area of the desert, the atrax get a little more frisky. and they're everywhere from the desert's edge to just east of the JC mountain pass. (and if anyone finds my head, please return it).

West of Camp Echidna: In the stretch of land north of the unsafe zone (get your shots if you go SW), and west to the river basin there are a bunch of snots (snark to the north, snable to the west), daikiba and little game. the bonus is the hurvyaa (those flying, migratory birds) -- if you want to draw some down, it's a fun challenge. And yes, the unsafe zone looks like a nice place for mining -- get your shot!

Atlas Haven to Atlas Island North: The fun part about this turf is that when snots gather, they form huge, packed herds. It's a good place to practice luring one or two critters away from a pack rather than rushing into the middle swinging away. the peds are ok, but there aren't 20 other people trying to do the same thing. (Look for a tailor named "ShyGirl" -- a promising crafter. Drop my name and she might set you up with a deal).

West of Ft. Troy: In the mood for maffoid? those big fatties stumble around in the dry, dusty delta area between Troy and the dark ravines by the coast. And if your BLP is loaded, keep going to the carved ravines and there are the usual drone/warrior bunch. (at some point i'd like to get a war party together and we could all tag the alien spaceship in there)

Personally, i like the cornys between Phoenix and Zychion, but so many hunting parties run through there that it's easier to take a gentle, easy walk from Phoenix to Billy's to Orthos...Axe in hand!

Well, it's time to go figure out which atrax group hasn't had a bite of me yet. I'll put a Twist on a new topic later. Keep the robot hunting in mind soc!

Curly Twist Bender

Monday, July 24, 2006

If you run out of ideas of where to go you can check out my favorite places to hunt:

  • East of Fort Argus: Snablesnots and other small mobs. They give lots of pixie and goblin armor. You can hunt them without armor if you did not bring your goblin or want a bigger challenge. Maffoids further to he east if they get boring.
  • North of Fort Argus: Cornu beach with lots of cornundacauda mature
  • West of Billys Spaceship: Cornudos and berys. The best looting place I know. Almost always make a profit :-)
  • West of Jason Center: Fouls, caudatergus up to alpha. Watch out for the snargs.
  • Around Orthos mound: Small fouls and faucervix
  • South of Fort Medusa: Here I hunt molisks for their teeth (and peds)
  • Beach north of Camp Caravan: Huge numbers of cornundacauda up to the occasional Alpha
  • Northwest of Twin Peaks: Argonaut alley
  • South of Twin Peaks: Big exosaur and combibo. Hope to loot some Vigi Armor here someday.
  • West of Twin Peaks: Smaller caudatergus and Cornudos up to old.

Bigger mobs (Opalo and Rascal is not enough to hunt these):

  • South of Fort Argus: Snarksnots and ambulimax
  • North of Nea’s place: Lots of ambulimax young (Only place on the list where hunting is taxed)
  • Northeast of Sakura City: Really big exosaur and atrox up to provider

90% of the time you can find me in one of these places :-)

Recently i reentered the profession of a sweater. Now that the cap has been removed, it's more interesting to put an effort in it and improve my skills in it. I'll try to track all my attemps to gather sweat from creatures around Port Atlantis. If all goes like i hope, i'll post some insights in the process of gaining uber sweat gatherer skills :-) Or at least some nice tactics...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Amethera, what a continent.

I am on a TP run, and i just enjoy the beautiful landscape. It's gorgious... nice area, i hear the birds, the wind... I'm sitting down now, a good spot to think, to meditate...
Entropia Universe is great, even without a global. But it is always welcome :)


OK -- did anyone wonder what the qualifications are for something to officially be a "GLOBAL"? If I build some fancy male Shogun harness and it's in perfect condition -- that's some big value. But is it a global? If I successfully build one of those epic guns that you see the uberlords running around with, does that count as a global?

I'm gonna have some screenies soon of things I consider "globals" -- making the perfect, hot pink, Havok thong (female only!!!!), for example.

Curly Twist Bender -- soon to be going global

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I started to mine a few days ago. And yesterday I tried to mine some enmatter. After a few tries I got something! 16PEDS of grease!! My biggest catch ever... But I'm a noob still :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

All members can add themselves to the map, so we can graphically see where all the Hunter klan's members live in real live... But this blog isn't meant to handle about the development of the blog itself. But about Entropia and all of its inhabitants!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello Entropians,

I created this blog for our society "The Hunters klan". Hope many people will join to make this an active blog. And so we can share our joy and thoughts. The blog should mainly handle about our society in the Entropian Universe.

May Lootius be with you!