Monday, July 28, 2008

Neo, the new society leader since 27/07/2008

Hey folks,

I've been pretty busy IRL and still am. Therefore I found that I couldn't do my job as society leader as it should be. I'm pleased that Neo wanted to take this job on his shoulders. Neo is skilled, is very active, social and a pleasant person for newcomers (always ready to help out).

I hope you understand my dicision. I did the leader job for almost two years now. To make some things clear: if Neo decides not to be the leader anymore, or anything else I am willing to be society leader again (are someone else that is capable of).

Thanks for your understanding,
And hey! This is NO goodbye! ;)


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Agonaut HoF

I have been hunting argonauts south of Nymphtown for a long time now. I like to skill on them and they loot good for me, plenty of iron and CB19 BLP rifles. I have been hoping for an unlimited CB19 but I am pretty pleased with this hunter too :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teamspeak server for UT


For those that want voice communication ingame there is now a soc solution.
There is a free team speak server where I applied for a soc area.

To use it you need:
- A headset.
- To download the teamspeak client from
- Intall it and connect to server ""
- Register an account with the "Register to server" option under "Self" menu.
- Go to the United talents room seen in the list of teamspeak rooms.

At least thats how I think it works. We probably will get a room during the day today.
If we will need a password to access our area you will have to ask me for it in soc chat.

You can read more about this on

I think it can be a great addition for soc hunts

Lots of thanks and +rep to E-Lite from Magnum Opus that have been providening this service to the EU community for the last 3 years absolutely free.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FREE event

im looking to throw a free event this week. Its going to be a easter egg hunt. All are welcome to join. im hoping to do it this week but looks like will be next week. but if anyone would like to donate anything plz msg me in soc chat im looking for mainly low lvl stuff pixie,goblin stuff like that but anything is welcome. I think this will be a great event for noobs and it will just be somthing to do for fun. it will most likly be held at PA since thats where all the noobs are. Exact date of event will follow later since it really depends on my work.