Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 days left and there is a new person in this world

No idea how it will look, what it will sound like, the weight, length, ...
but loving it already with all my heart hehe

30/11 it should be here, well we'll see

Just hope all goes well!!

Hope to be able to log back in in a bit, i love gaming, but getting short on time, but it will only get better when the baby is here (hehehe )
Cya later all

http://z15.invisionfree.com/My_girl/index.php = forum about mygirlfriend and ... it (lol)


West of Miniapolis at 23100, 17330 an orb ( I found that means orbitter) has been signaled. Members of UT has visited the place and found a big black (foot)bal hanging in the air. During our visit nothing happens but some rocket fire and a lot of funny comment.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Check this out http://unitedtalents.net/ and let me know what you think any ideas could you please send to teshik@unitedtalents.net

This is my first attempt at a web site creation and I have absolutely no knowledge of html. I do have some good web creation software though and think that I can do a fairly good job at this.
I have bought the unitedtalents.net domain name so it is ours. The site is hosted on a free server for the time being so is limited in size and bandwidth but I can upgrade as nescessary pretty cheaply.

18/11/07 Forum added

All help will be appreciated.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Cheap Team Hunting

I love doing team hunts.

I really enjoy doing anything that envolves other soc members. Tp running, Outpost rescues or just chatting at wolves.

The team spirit that we have in our soc really is what keeps me playing sometimes when loot is bad and money is tight.

So thanx for being there guys. i love you all

Here is a few screens from an opalo hunt we did a couple of weeks ago just to show that any of our members no matter how unskilled can still join in and have some fun.