Friday, December 21, 2007

EU is fun :)

Especially with two twin women at my side (Claire and Sarah from H2o) and some vodkas :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Alien hunting at CP

Here are some pics from my trip to CP to hunt aliens.
Aurlis are pretty ugly, but the domes are a nice exotic place when Calypso gets boring:

Hunting is expensive in decay. They hit a lot.
On the plus side I gain skills much quicker here than when hunting feffs at Camp Phoenix.
They also global pretty frequently.
Here are my globals so far from this trip:

Hope some of you can join me for some teamhunts. A few of us could probably hunt those Aurli Ravagers in dome 4. Can we kill Hogglo, Chompers and Falx it shouldnt be impossible.
If you can kill an Argonaut Hunter solo I think you can hunt here without getting too frustrated from dying.
I will be up here for a few more days.
Hope to see you in Space!

Looted a nice item

It's been a while that I looted something interesting while hunting... I was very happy with this minor TP chip. I sold it for a very decent price...
Happy looting!

PS: I know for the most hunters out there this is just a piece of cake ;)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A new angel among us


4/12/07 12.45h GMT+1

So small, so soft, so beautifull { yep, doesnt look a thing like me ;)))) }

Pics are following

3.385 kg 52.5 cm

Monday, December 03, 2007

Schedule society events

Hello UT-ers out there!

I just want to mention what should be the best way to publish your scheduled society events apart from this blog or the website/forum. On the society terminal Elivated members can change the "information"-box (marked with the red square). If you want to organise a society event put it there together with the MA time and date of the happening (see right side of the blog for MA-time info). An example could be "03-dec-07 - 23:00 MA time - Opalo hunt.". Anyway you are grown up to know how to anounce something ;) But I saw Teshik changing the information windows and thought it could be of more use!