Friday, August 31, 2007

Mining lover

Hey hey hey!

I'm not showing of a global, nor a HoF and neither an ATH... Not that don't want to ;) Many people have asked me why I don't deposit. As a "society leader" (what's in a name) I sometimes feel a bit of a scammer because I gather my PEDs together at the cost of others. I have being mining for a long time now, and almost every probe has been written down and been put in an Excel sheet. Twist knows that I am that fanatic to do that... With that knowledge I manage more and more to keep alive (ped-wise) easily. Also I know the market pretty well... I still do sweat sometimes but that only on my way to a mining place, or when bored and hunting Sabakumas. Here's a little sample of my notes ;)
Every single square is 100mx100m. This site contains Nexus, Light Liquid and (better less than more) sweetstuff.
Cheers!! And I love mining ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

United Talents expansion?

Greetings, society members! As I am sure some of you have heard, there are rumors about United Talents branching out and forming another society for recruits, with our main society standing as a group for training society graduates. The idea was first discussed this weekend, and a number of ideas were put forth. Here’s a little summary of what was mentioned, proposed, and put out for further discussion:

-- The training society would be called something like “United Talents Cadets” or something that implies it is a first-stage group (comments and suggestions are welcome). It would be run by one of the current members of United Talents. A couple of socies have already volunteered to head the new recruit soc, but others are welcome to put their name in to the contest.

-- There would be a fixed promotion requirement to move recruits up through the ranks. New cadets (pupils?) would get their first stripe once they found Wolverine Hope TP. After that, they would progress in line with their abilities. It has been suggested that rank be set on the following criteria for the cadet’s highest ability: 1-9 = first category, 10-19 = second category, 20-29 = third category, 30-39 = fourth category, 40+ is graduation to United Talents main group. Also, if the pupil chooses to perform many tasks and trains in a variety of skills and abilities, their rank could also be based on the average of their Strength, Intelligence, Agility and Psyche times two rather than highest single ability. Of course, this is all up for discussion, and soc members are invited to comment about whether this is too strict or too lenient.

We would also want to provide an incentive for people to want to ascend to the main United Talents soc rather than go freelance or start eyeing other societies. Of course, there are plenty of ways to do this, but it would help if we had a unified plan. One thought was for the higher soc to have a soc store that would be available for higher members to sell their crafted goods. Since I do not know the full details about store ownership, it would be an issue worth investigating. Being a formal mentor for the young cadets would be beneficial as well, and it would provide them with a mentor version item at the end and hopefully instill a little loyalty in them. Of course, they could go on our big hunts and so forth, but this is all up for negotiation. (I suggested that we occasionally hunt the cadets ourselves in a PvP for sport, but people didn’t think that was a great idea.)

Sorry to make everyone do all this reading, but we think this has a lot of potential. What we need right now is ideas and input. Once a bunch of thoughts are put together, we can vote on a solid plan and really expand our numbers. Of course, the top priority will still be to have a good time, but isn’t it more fun to have a good time with a few hundred of your best friends rather than just fifty?

Comment on this bit as soon as possible. I’m gonna go hunting morsilex now, but I will be looking for comments over the next couple of weeks.

Curly Twist Bender

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My First Global (picture, that is)!

They say you never forget your first time! Well, I've had a number of globals, but this was the first one I have ever captured in a screenie. There have been others where I have a pic of me just standing there, and some where the pic is just a black box that takes up 500K. But this one, my many soc-friends, has the sparkly halo, the loot, the location, and the reminder that I had just taken a hit for 61 points of damage (I hate red-colored hits). Irt even shows the area on the map (in Amethera, so if anyone wants to rush over there and see if there are a few more Mature Atroxes running around just dripping with body oil, go ahead.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you a screenie of a mining tower, a HoF or an ATH. I will post those firsts if they ever come up. Here's hoping!!!

Curly Twist Bender

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A "Twist"ed socie sez hello!


Okay, there's more than that. During the summer, our society has endured two major events. First, our numbers have grown rapidly, and we are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with (at least around Wolverine Hope). Second, the European summer has meant that a lot of people are on holiday and will not be back until later, which means they will have a lot of new faces to see and avis to meet. On that note, let me be the first to introduce myself to all new socies and remind the old folks who I am.

Most people know me as Twist, but the full name is Curly Twist Bender. I am one of the resident tailors in the soc, as well as a reasonable miner -- not as good as Beni, but who is? I moved to this world over a year ago, and would be more than glad to help out new members and hunt with the older ones. I am from the USA, so I only speak American -- please do not hold that against me.

I would also like to get some comments on whether anyone would be interested in a fist-hunt in a few weeks. I was thinking Stalkers and Prowlers -- things that loot nicely -- and I know a very convenient place where we can do some armor-free fist-fighting. Who's interested? Comment with what times of the weekend are good or bad. the way...if you want to know what mob we can hunt Stalkers and Prowlers, here's my recommendation:

Just a thought. I will make more plans once our proud socies start commenting.

Curly Twist Bender

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hi all,

I can not log in to my account for a long time . Are you all ok? I miss you guys.:)