Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A "Twist" of Fate

Let me tell every soc member a very valuable piece of information -- whining works.

My last entry described the frustration I was having from not getting a Global since a year before the Crimean War. Well, someone at MindArk must have felt sympathy for me. Yesterday I went forth and killed a bunch of critters by Echidna, and one of them -- a SnarkSnot Mature -- happened to be carrying 221 PED! Obviously the Snark wasn't that mature, or it would have known not to carry so many PEDs in a bad neighborhood like Echidna. But, long story short -- I got my global! All I had to do was cry and pout and complain about not getting a global and is showed up! How about that?

My next entry will be an extended complaint about how I've never ever claimed an All-Time High Hall of Fame winner...

Curly Twist Bender

At the foot of the mountain

We regrouped our previous society to our new one "United Talents". The society's name can cover more of our skills and talents than the previous did. I want to elevate our society a bit with some more and better organisation. I know we leave our real life to get our dayly chains off and do what we want. But I am sure a well organised society has more to offer than just a bunch of recruits that walk around Calypso not even knowing something exists like a soc-chat, I don't even mention those socmates that just walk in front of you forgetting to say the "hi"-thing.

You know I like organisation, and the more we are organised the more fun we will have. I am sure of that.

Those that are discussed and everyone should do:

1. Search and find the Wolverine Hope Teleport
Here we will use the storage, will refine our materials to put in storage or auction, use auction, craft, tailor, buy and sell thing at TT, repair our items. And meet other members as more of us try to use Wolverine.
One good thing about Wolverine is that everthing is very nearby the TP. So if you are at PA and need to get some stuff to sell at streets, it is quicker to TP to Wolverine to get your stuff out of storage.
Coordinates can be found at society terminals.

2. Enter your last month of activity at society terminal.
If you operate the society terminal, on the main window you will see an "i" icon. Press that one and fill in your latest active month. Do this everymonth! I know many people are much online as we know that by ourselves, but if newbies enter we should be an example. And if we fill in that info, it will be a motivation for the new ones to do it theirselves. The info is very important for new people. If we come at a time that people aren't active for months and months we can decide to clean up our members and boot those who didnt update that information. Ofcourse you can tell some members you will be inative for certain months. But for new recruits this is very important.

Things I am thinking of:

1. Like Curly said earlier, we could share and exchange blueprints with eachother to skill on or craft useful items. Maybe we use the "Personal Info" again for BPs you have available.

2. Skins, hides, gel and other stuff could be stacked by one person. Let's say I buy all the hairgel at a reasonable price from all soc members. After that I sell a big (or reasonable) amount at auction. Another member gathers all soft hides and again sells it at auction or maybe use it themselve. Or Curly gathers all dung! That would be something ;) No kidding, but such kind of organisation give a win-win situation. We get rid of our stuff without shouting our longues to damage at PA. And the buyer can sell at higher price in auction. Same goes for crafted items.

3. We are in need of merchants. As low-end armors aren't stackable to sell in auction, it is quite useless to try to sell them at auction. Therfore, we could use a member (newbie?) who sells our looted armor and guns (even other stuff) on the streets. With this newbies have the opportunity to get knowledge of prices, and can do different things than sweating all the time. A system has yet to be found how to trust those newbies, but I am thinking of always asking My2Pec price minus something. All that the persons sells above is good for him.

4. Make use of eachother skills! If I want new pants, and I know a person is capable of, it should be possible to collect all needed items and ask them to try to tailor them. Good for you (higher success rate), good for the tailor (earns some skills). Same goes for crafting.

5. Recruiting! New people make new fun in our soc, but not too many at the same time. We don't want to be the biggest soc!

6. Occasionaly society-hunts with same level weapons and damage decides order in Team. This is great for the teamspirit. Again Wolverine would be the meeting place.

More things and thoughts coming up later :)

Feel free to comment
Cheers, VinzZ  

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Twist's Global Conspiracy

Hello soc! After a three-day, insomnia-induced spree of hunting, I think I killed about half of the mobs on Eudoria (the weaker half) and found every kind of interesting thing around. I skinned and deboned an atrax (after it was dead), brought the Faucervix hodres to near-extinction -- thanx VinzZ -- and took out a Tantillion that was carrying a gun -- I guess it didn't have ammo or I'd be in trouble. I found some people who might make nice recruits, explored new areas, and did some power skilling. But the most amazing thing about this entire time out was...NO GLOBALS!!!

Not even a silent global -- nothing! The biggest, fattest mobs out there had apparently spent all their cash and dumped off their valuable items, leaving me to find stuff like hair spray, a can of paint, or a half-eaten bombardo. During the marathon, someone scored a crafting HoF worth 14k -- and my total globals were zero. Nil. Zip. Nothing. The null set. Zilch.

This is where the conspiracy thing comes in -- as an American, I naturally think that if anything goes wrong for me it has to be a conspiracy rather than bad luck. Anyway, I know our soc is very diverse and worldly, but can anyone testify that they have seen an American get a global? If they can, I need to find another excuse for my misfortune. For now, I'm blaming everyone else -- just like an American.

On a more serious note, as 'United Talents' I think there's something we might be able to do to really 'Unite' our skills and help one another build our 'Talents' as well. Since a number of us craft things, perhaps it would be of benefit to share BPs. If I loan my tailoring BP to someone, that person would be able to have more successes while skilling and possibly make money, and they might just raise the QR of my BPs. Of course this would be on the honor system, so trust is important. But it would allow a sharing of resources to potentially benefit the entire soc. Opinions? Comments? It might make us sound like a crafting guild, but maybe that's a benefit we could use.

Curly Twist Bender

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hello, humans and others! It's going to be a small post this time -- I'm still tired from the long hunt with Quentin and Alu from Atlas Island N. to Argus. If anyone notices that the area is very short of mobs and filthy with laser burns and BLP casings, that was us. It was a great hunt -- no globals, but we definitely showed most of the creatures who's boss. (There was a bunch of 'troxes -- a troxtet -- that jumped us, but otherwise we rocked)

As to the joys of things other than hunting, I have dabbled in finding the best BLP weapons to skill in that don't cost an arm and a leg (the 'trox took those). While the Maddox I is nice, can be made with a lvl. I blueprint and some patience, relatively inexpensive, and sturdy, it burns 4 for 16 pts. of damage. The FreanD Beta BLP burns 4 for 24 pts. of damage, but isn't as sturdy -- as i found out at the end of yesterday's hunt when i had to switch back to the Maddox. The one thing this taught me is that I know very little about what BLP weapons are good and which ones are...less desireable. Since I plan on using BLP weapons more and more against drones, etc. for the damage benefit, I would appreciate knowing where I should put my PED. Any info is appreciated.

Also, if anyone wants to go on a drone-bashing hunt, let me know. I'm not sure I'm ready to go alone, and I'd want a skilled medic around for when a Gen. 5 decides it wants to terminate me. Perhaps a big hunt would be best. After seeing a Warrior gen. 5, I think about a battalion of soc members would be good...

Quik note: As buggy as the new patch is, there's one ebnefit I noticed -- I can jump from a high spot and not start blinking about in mid-fall. At the request of a female I know, I took a running leap off the highest point of the New Oxford Center for Fine Arts, and it was one clean plummet. Smooth, graceful, and 9 stories of uninterrupted and damage-free descent. If only I could've done that a few times in college...

Last note: I was chatting with a feffoid the other day, and it explained why those things are so mean -- they're lonely. Even when they're in groups, there's little social activity. So, in my effort to bring peace to the continent, I am posting a personal on behalf of this poor, sad feffoid (if I don't do this, it's going to eat me):

Single White Feffoid seeking happy-go-lucky Maffoid. Must be good role model (no Outcasts), be very fat and have own loot. The ability to do that flying kick thing is definitely a plus. Must enjoy quiet walks through PvP zones, mutations, trading with humans and eating anything that moves. I know you're out there...let's make some sparks. -- Fun-loving Feff

Curly Twist Bender

Sunday, September 17, 2006

United Talents is formed

Due to the inactivity or absence of our previous leader we decided to form a new society called "United Talents". Some members prefered me for being the soc-leader, despite my lack of experience. Anyway, today I showed that I was worth it :) (later on more about that).
Our new soc will have its home base at Wolverine Hope on Amethera. Old members of the Hunters klan are very welcome and will have their same rank in the society. For more detailed and some very important info read soc-info at society terminal.
Oh, yes, I said I proved to be a good leader, check my two globals below in one day. (and two globals on one day isn't usual for me). While mining I picked up a strange signal...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What a day!!

Today I became father of our fresh daughter named "Ine". I am soo happy everything went good eventhough she is born one month earlier than expected.
This morning I even played EU, Twist was online and had a "silent" global while I was sweating some longus to sell my ME. After that I went on a minor Enmatter run with only 20 probes, discovering new areas... and BANG! I hit a global!
And again thanks to Cara for lending his MF102, because without it I would never reached that depth. I also found some Magarian mist so, again, I can't complain :)

A great day! And I am sooooooo exteremely happy with my daughter, and my wife did it so well! Maybe I won't be so much online in the next days, so forgive me about that...