Thursday, October 26, 2006

Big Bags of Loot! (any volunteers?)

Hello soc members and random blog-readers!

The other day, I spent some time hunting anything I could get a hide from, and after about 20 PED worth of ammo, the single-best loot I found was a patch of 65 caroots lying next to a dead Merp (I sold them for 1 PED even -- the Merp had nothing). Is this fair? Is this justice? Is this just me? I think not -- and those who have hunted with me in the past have seen that there are loots out there worth more than a PED!

This entry has very little to do with whining about bad loots, and more to do with asking the soc about their experiences with mobs and how much they pay off. I want to hear from all the soc members about what they each think are good paying mobs. Argos have iron, which as loot is a nice day of work at the office, and they have hides. Robots have gazz and erdo, and occasionally a robot part. But how often do they drop these things and some valuable PEDs? And what mobs (and where) are the most profitable? Yes, I like hunting pluma for the hides, but not when they drop 5 pec after I put 35 pec worth of ammo into them. Argo iron is nice too, but when only 1 in 5 of them has even one stone and the other 4 claim poverty, I end up losing out.

Of course I will contribute my recommendations, and I hope everyone else will offer their 2 pecs as well. Allophyl by the river next to Tethys Creek seem to be a nice source of valuable fine wool as well as a few coins, and they're not real shy about dropping it. The allo that occasionally wander into the swamps outside PA aren't as generous, so I usually let them be. The Merps and Snarks N of Echidna are mature enough to carry good loot too, and there are Providers and Guardians to make things more fun. Usually, if I'm desperate for money I go there with an axe and a gun and do what comes naturally. And if snablesnots are your preference, some big snables are outside Argus that have great loots and good, fresh-squeezed hair gel (yick!).

The examples I offer are mostly low-level mobs, and as anyone who has read my past commentaries might have figured out (see article on shooting birds), I still have trouble with the bigger beasts out there. But some of the soc members are much better -- Beni, I'm thinking of people like you -- and some have really studied the topic -- read Quintin's Guide to Argo Loot -- and know a thing or two. So, since we are "United Talents", let's unite our talents and knowledge and see if we can make for some more profitable hunting.

I gotta go -- I'm getting ready for some revenge on an Armax that was taunting me yesterday.

Curly Twist Bender

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Awesome picture

I came across this lovely picture!
Enjoy ;)

Cheers, VinzZ 

New VU 8.7 coming soon.

Did you notice the news from MindArk? The new version update will be awesome, atleast the graphics look great. I know every VU has some problems so many people don't love to see a new version update. But I like the progress. There is a special note from MindArk considering the use of amplifiers. Usage of weapons will more look like the usage of tools and amps for mining (if I understand it well). When you max out that particular weapon you can go to use a better one. And i like the idea! Eventhough I have to see it myself. But if it is well balanced we will have some new goals while hunting. Here is the link with more information from MindArk:

It is also time to recruit new persons. Our new society is about complete and pretty stable, didn't see one person leave our soc. Recently we recruited Acronoid to our soc, she can be of use to sell some armors. More may join, but it is very important that they are active and that they reach Wolverine (Yes! I know! A little effort won't do them any harm.)

Last weekend was fun too. Acronoid, Caramon and myself went to visit the oil rig... We were the lucky ones to use a wormhole to the rig. I had no oil at all after the trip, but it was worth the visit :)

Later, VinzZ 

Monday, October 16, 2006

My Love of Leather!

Sorry to disappoint, but this entry has everything to do with tailoring and very little to do with my personal fashions and fetishes. Anyone who was expecting something a little more spicy is excused to go to other websites.

I recently engaged in some trade with a tailoring friend of mine who had a nice collection of hides from beasts all around the world. We traded notes, swapped ideas, and I ended up buying a collection of exotic hides and leathers. Now I am the proud owner of leathers from just about all creatures great and small -- from Daikiba to Atrax, Combibo to Allophyl. For All Hallow's Eve, I think I'm going to dress up in Tripudion hides and see if anyone notices.

The one thing missing from this celebration of leather is -- skill. To use most leathers other than Snablesnot I need a higher skill level. How much higher is another debate, but for now, let's just say 'higher'. So for now I can collect all the Turp and Fugabara hides I want (see previous entry about shooting birds), but I can't make them into hats, jackets, shoes and racy underwear. Very frustrating indeed -- especially if you enjoy the feeling of an Armax thong and just can't wait to have one all to yourself.

So for now, I am keeping a stockpile of exotic leathers in storage, and I will gladly sell some for a reasonable offer (Caramon, I am thinking of you in particular, but all tailors in general). Eventually I do want to make an outfit all in Allophyl or something, but I will take the PED instead if it helps a fellow soc member. In time I plan on making all these leathers into gear, so time is limited. And if you see me walking around in a fancy, hot pink Armax thong, you know you are too late.

Curly Twist Bender

Friday, October 06, 2006

"Twist"ed Behavior

Yes, soc fellows, I am still in pursuit of the All-Time High HoF. However, I am trying to go about it through another route -- one so brilliantly clever that I may be the only one pursuing it.

While everyone throws their biggest weapons at the biggest creatures in hope for the biggest rewards, I am taking a different approach. I have chosen the approach of the ninja, the assassin, the professional sniper. One shot, one kill, one loot. My prey -- little birds.

Okay, it's a little disturbed. SoothingMist was kind enough to point this out on our hunt Thursday night. But with one shot from my amped A3, I can kill an Old Turp. 7 ammo investment, so even a few pec is profit. A Fugabara Guardian can't get away fast enough. Chirpy -- what Chirpy? One shot turns a Gibnib into one Gib and one Nib. I am undefeated.

Now I have never seen a global saying, "So-and-so killed a Chirpy Stalker worth 471 PED and has been entered into the Hall of Fame." But for the minimal investment, the payoff is nice. Therefore, what I am going for is the record cash-in for a Chirpy. My record -- 13 PED and 74 PEC. It was an old Chirpy, so all that cash was probably its pension (and the reason it couldn't fly away). Cha-ching.

And who knows how much those Old Turps carry...

Curly Twist Bender