Thursday, December 25, 2008

Social event :D

Hey people I know i haven´t been on a lot recently (university is hard life you know...) but i thought we might once again do something big again like a beacon, hunt or whatever.

Friday, November 07, 2008

pay day

it took 1 month to get my $600 withdraw so not bad and i have not been able to play due to my gold card reader broke waiting for a new one

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hey fellow soc mates... I wanted to post some pics of my 19k durulium ATH while it is still on the ATH list.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thank you so much

At 4 am EST time, Neo logged into EU and told me he had somthing to give me. So, we met at wolve. He, then had informed me that since i've fallen own hard times... (had a baby 2 months ago) the soc had taken a collection for my family. He then placed the peds/items in the trade box.

I, told him that it was too much and that I could not except it. He told me every one gave a little so it was OK to take it. I was so touched by this gift, that I was nearly in tears. The amount did not matter (and it was NOT a small amount). It was, that my friends cared enough to do this for my family that mattered to me. This touched me so ,I had to wake my wife up to tell her. After she woke up enough to understand, what I was telling her she to was very touched as well. This gift meaning so much to us. I will not be leaveing EU, I will be chipping a few skills to make ends meet. But, I will keep some skills for the yrs. to come with my soc=friends/family.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Neo, the new society leader since 27/07/2008

Hey folks,

I've been pretty busy IRL and still am. Therefore I found that I couldn't do my job as society leader as it should be. I'm pleased that Neo wanted to take this job on his shoulders. Neo is skilled, is very active, social and a pleasant person for newcomers (always ready to help out).

I hope you understand my dicision. I did the leader job for almost two years now. To make some things clear: if Neo decides not to be the leader anymore, or anything else I am willing to be society leader again (are someone else that is capable of).

Thanks for your understanding,
And hey! This is NO goodbye! ;)


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Agonaut HoF

I have been hunting argonauts south of Nymphtown for a long time now. I like to skill on them and they loot good for me, plenty of iron and CB19 BLP rifles. I have been hoping for an unlimited CB19 but I am pretty pleased with this hunter too :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teamspeak server for UT


For those that want voice communication ingame there is now a soc solution.
There is a free team speak server where I applied for a soc area.

To use it you need:
- A headset.
- To download the teamspeak client from
- Intall it and connect to server ""
- Register an account with the "Register to server" option under "Self" menu.
- Go to the United talents room seen in the list of teamspeak rooms.

At least thats how I think it works. We probably will get a room during the day today.
If we will need a password to access our area you will have to ask me for it in soc chat.

You can read more about this on

I think it can be a great addition for soc hunts

Lots of thanks and +rep to E-Lite from Magnum Opus that have been providening this service to the EU community for the last 3 years absolutely free.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FREE event

im looking to throw a free event this week. Its going to be a easter egg hunt. All are welcome to join. im hoping to do it this week but looks like will be next week. but if anyone would like to donate anything plz msg me in soc chat im looking for mainly low lvl stuff pixie,goblin stuff like that but anything is welcome. I think this will be a great event for noobs and it will just be somthing to do for fun. it will most likly be held at PA since thats where all the noobs are. Exact date of event will follow later since it really depends on my work.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Since 20:00 is to late for some members we try to start already at 18:00 MA time!

A while ago I found a 25 ped beacon and now its time to use it!
Starting time is 2008-05-02. 20.00 MA time. Location is west of Troy.

All in soc are welcome. There is room for 12 in the team.
You dont have to be a high level hunter to join, we will have enough firepower for sure.
If you havent done a beacon before its a good idea to read the tutorials on

See you there!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A global to please me

After hunting snarksnots for several days (weeks?) I finally got my kobold foot guards. I like the snarks though, they gave pretty good loot from time to time. Hunting snarks is so eco with no armor and just a CB5, you can easily hunt up to providers without any fapping (didn't found bigger ones in my area).
When I finally got my kobald foot guards, I dropped them into storage, stopped hunting those snarksnots and bought be a CB13. A CB13 is pretty eco, but the decay is huge, so the weapon won't last long but still a fair BLP rifle with a pretty good eco after all.
I started hunting bigger cornundacaudas, cause they were fun, gave a good return and I didn't need any fapping or armor...
But all of the sudden I realised that I hunted those snarksnots till extinction to move to my new target: Feffoids. Everybody is hunting them! They should give good loot! People hunt them for the Korss H400. So I gave them a try...
With my full kobold they were a piece of cake, and after a few dead species I got some swearlies. Hmmm... Nice ;)

Well, it's ok if you find this a piece of cake. But I like to blog them as my memory is leaking and this blog can hold it better :)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trox Madness at Ft. Ithaca!

by Curly Twist Bender

It was madness, I tell you!

For those of you who didn't hear about it, there was an atrox rampage at Ft. Ithaca. It was so severe that the troxes even ran past the turrets in massive numbers, swarming in on the poor inhabitants. If not for the bravery of the members of United Talents, it could have been a total tragedy.

But then again, members of United Talents also caused much of the devastation.

It started during a pleasant hunt in atrox territory S of Ithaca, when noted UT members Neo The-One Baan and Curly Twist Bender stumbled upon a herd of troxes bigger than anything they had ever seen. It was like lizard-cattle, with countless head of troxes waiting to be hunted. (Note the number of red mob markers on the radar at lower right).

Even at modest magnification through a rifle scope, the group was truly huge!

Neo and Curly knew this was what they had come for, and they carefully pulled small groups from the pack to lead them away to slaughter. As they ran low on ammo and thought about how dangerous this group could be, an idea was formed. They decided to lead a train of them to the turrets, and let the big guns finish off this dangerous group. Unfortunately, Neo started gathering the mob while Curly was preparing for a nice picture of the historic event. The pack hit Curly like a runaway train, and with one most unfortunately lucky critical hit, Curly fell. The picture was taken just after his death, with the rest of the train pursuing Neo.

Once Curly revived at Ithaca, he was able to warn the fair citizens about the incoming danger, and let brave hunters come to the south area to witness the slaughter by the turrets. Neo became visible as a mere speck to the south, one mark amidst a column of red dots trying to tear him apart. The atroxes were climbing over one another trying to catch the brave UT member, but he would not be denied in his rush to the Ithaca turrets. Curly shouted one last warning to the Ithaca citizens as the train rushed in.

Once in range, the twin turrets turned their deadly hum of ammo on the atrox hoard as Neo bolted past. To the surprise and horror of Neo, Curly, and all the good people in Fort Ithaca, the massive guns could not stop the scores of atrox from stampeding into the fort! Trox after trox collapsed at the base of the gun but three would pass for each one killed. Ithaca was being stormed! It would be a colossal slaughter of innocent lives! And quite possibly, UT would be blamed!

Thinking quickly, and with help of witnessing soc member Lilith, Neo and Curly distracted the train as it flooded in toward the booths and stores, and led them out the southern gates -- and back through the gunfire. For the many troxes who survived the first pass by the massive weapons, the second one would surely do them in -- and it worked.

In the end, the entrance to Fort Ithaca was strewn with atrox corpses (and the occasional exarosaur -- right side of picture -- that was caught in the feeding frenzy). Horribly damaged but still alive, Neo, Curly and Lilith stood among the carnage, and accepted many thanks for distracting the troxes by the guns. The people of Ithaca were safe, and nobody had to find out why the troxes came rushing the fort in the first place.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the 1001 swirlies stage 1

So, I'm tryint to get 1001 swirlies. Nah, I never get there if I'm really honest :D

Here is a filmstrip of the first 25 of them. I'm gonna make a videoclip when it's complete
oh, and it's a bit a long image, click it to see it below :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

ut small hunt :))

Sunday, March 30, 2008

other global.other atrox alpha!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Formidon young

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Me and my Dog(pet)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Other global !!! damn i love this game !!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cassandra and me - EU is ART

Enough strong for kill atrox alpha? YES

Thursday, March 13, 2008

wow second HOF in mining :)

Hoff in mine

Opalo Hunt

Last sunday we had a great old-time opalo hunt.
It was amazing fun with a BIIIG team, we even had a small global :)

When do we shedule our next? ;)
PS: Neo, don't think I didn't see the amp sticking on your opalo, a shame!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Other global in hunting !!! Second

Monday, January 14, 2008

My first global in hunting !! A great day !! global verry good !!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Finally a nice HOF

I got a 1 run blueprint for a Unlimited Montgomery Anabalic and suceeded in making it. I was so excited I forgot to take a screen shot before it scrolled off of chat but here are some snapshots of the HOF boards.

The auction on entropiaforum is still in progress and the high bid is over 22K total now.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The dragon & the Bitch

For anyone that thought I couldn't kill a big red dragon solo. I did it, and without the help of a donkey :D
It is quite a battle, to hunt one of the grotesk creatures that walk the face of Calypso. The struggle to find one in a sea of stone pillars; then the shooting and the running game can begin. the adrinalin pumping trough your system while you slowly gain terrain on it, just to turn around and put another round of ammo in the closing danger.

The nice thing is that even complete noobs like can get a shot at an ATH now. But far more important, it shows that persistence pays of, IRL and in EU. As long as you got a dream to hunt and a mind set for the conquer.
Let this be our motto for 2008
Happy new year socies

Deity Acronoid