Thursday, January 25, 2007

Created a logo :)

Hi my dear socies,

I have made a logo for our soc.
I know It's a little arty, but tell me what you think

Deity Acronoid

Hi me dear sociewokies :)

I have an outburst of creativity and so I decided to make some banners for

I anyone wants me to make a banner for you, just ask :D

from your sweetheart

Deity Acronoid

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Never had a global but 13 01 07 HOF !!!

First and for all; i wish for all those i know in EU, the same luck like i had when HOFfing!!

I made some screenshots and here they are:

Everyone should have the feeling i had at that very moment, like every now and then in EU or/and in real life it feels so great. Tnx for the help i received from our great society and great leader Vince. But also tnx to "Beta ben online", "Allan Wikkerman" , my traders and so many more i'm forgetting.
Our society United talents is a great society with alot of very nice and helpfull, funny and unique people.
Lets all have even more fun and even more globals and HOF's ...
TY all

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hey my dear and beloved socies.

I am asking (again) for your help. This time it is in the name of science.

Who of you (except beni) haven't asked if sweat gathering skill gets you more sweat?

Well, to answer that question once and for all I made a thread on entropia forum to gather data. I would be very happy if you would participate too.

to visit my little experiment goto:

btw, don't forget to rate my thread (top right side, click to unfold and press excellent)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Beacon Mission Screenies

Some quick blogupdate with the pictures taken by Acronoid. For me they look a bit stretched but anyway you have an idea about the beacon mission we had. I don't know what Twist Curly Bender is doing in the air, but it looks he wanted some attention on the pictures that were taken :D
By the way, at the moment of writing Acronoid has rejoined our society. She left again to feel she misses us too much :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blog update

First of all A HAPPY 2007 to all members of United Talents and may Lootious bless you all the year.

Our Blogsystem has been update with the latest version of Blogger (it should contain some extra functions now). It is possible you need a gmail-account to access the blog again (not sure). If you need a gmail account I can invite you, just send an email to:

I'm waiting for the screenshots that Acronoid took at our Beacon Mission :)

Member info:
May I ask everone to update his info (latest active month) at the society terminal.
4 members are kicked lately during inactivity and not filling in their info. I don't mind that you take a nap for a month or three or even more, but please put it in your info so everyone can read that.
For that reason SoothingMist has been demoted of not filling in his info, so if anyone of you sees him around ask him to do that and if you are capable of promoting him again, then do so.

As four of our members were kicked, we are in search of some newbies or if possible more talented people to join our crew. Four new people would be ideal. If they reach Wolverine and fill in the desired info you are granted to promote that person.

Also a big welcome to Crea for joining our society. He was a member of our formerly Hunters Klan soc, therefor he got the same rank as he had there. Do not feel offended by this.