Friday, December 21, 2007

EU is fun :)

Especially with two twin women at my side (Claire and Sarah from H2o) and some vodkas :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Alien hunting at CP

Here are some pics from my trip to CP to hunt aliens.
Aurlis are pretty ugly, but the domes are a nice exotic place when Calypso gets boring:

Hunting is expensive in decay. They hit a lot.
On the plus side I gain skills much quicker here than when hunting feffs at Camp Phoenix.
They also global pretty frequently.
Here are my globals so far from this trip:

Hope some of you can join me for some teamhunts. A few of us could probably hunt those Aurli Ravagers in dome 4. Can we kill Hogglo, Chompers and Falx it shouldnt be impossible.
If you can kill an Argonaut Hunter solo I think you can hunt here without getting too frustrated from dying.
I will be up here for a few more days.
Hope to see you in Space!

Looted a nice item

It's been a while that I looted something interesting while hunting... I was very happy with this minor TP chip. I sold it for a very decent price...
Happy looting!

PS: I know for the most hunters out there this is just a piece of cake ;)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A new angel among us


4/12/07 12.45h GMT+1

So small, so soft, so beautifull { yep, doesnt look a thing like me ;)))) }

Pics are following

3.385 kg 52.5 cm

Monday, December 03, 2007

Schedule society events

Hello UT-ers out there!

I just want to mention what should be the best way to publish your scheduled society events apart from this blog or the website/forum. On the society terminal Elivated members can change the "information"-box (marked with the red square). If you want to organise a society event put it there together with the MA time and date of the happening (see right side of the blog for MA-time info). An example could be "03-dec-07 - 23:00 MA time - Opalo hunt.". Anyway you are grown up to know how to anounce something ;) But I saw Teshik changing the information windows and thought it could be of more use!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 days left and there is a new person in this world

No idea how it will look, what it will sound like, the weight, length, ...
but loving it already with all my heart hehe

30/11 it should be here, well we'll see

Just hope all goes well!!

Hope to be able to log back in in a bit, i love gaming, but getting short on time, but it will only get better when the baby is here (hehehe )
Cya later all = forum about mygirlfriend and ... it (lol)


West of Miniapolis at 23100, 17330 an orb ( I found that means orbitter) has been signaled. Members of UT has visited the place and found a big black (foot)bal hanging in the air. During our visit nothing happens but some rocket fire and a lot of funny comment.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Check this out and let me know what you think any ideas could you please send to

This is my first attempt at a web site creation and I have absolutely no knowledge of html. I do have some good web creation software though and think that I can do a fairly good job at this.
I have bought the domain name so it is ours. The site is hosted on a free server for the time being so is limited in size and bandwidth but I can upgrade as nescessary pretty cheaply.

18/11/07 Forum added

All help will be appreciated.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Cheap Team Hunting

I love doing team hunts.

I really enjoy doing anything that envolves other soc members. Tp running, Outpost rescues or just chatting at wolves.

The team spirit that we have in our soc really is what keeps me playing sometimes when loot is bad and money is tight.

So thanx for being there guys. i love you all

Here is a few screens from an opalo hunt we did a couple of weeks ago just to show that any of our members no matter how unskilled can still join in and have some fun.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Missing UT

Heya all! Well I am sure Boney already told you all that my computer died. *cry
I have another pc at home which I am on right now however, it is not strong enough to run Entropia. I am building a new pc as we speak though, I have already gotten the motherboard and cpu in mail. And this week I ordered power supply, ram, harddrive, and dvd drive. I only lack vidcard monitor and case. I want my new computer to be portable however I will never buy another laptop, pieces of trash. I searched everywhere online for a replacement motherboard for my laptop and of course, they are nowhere to be found.....Which they do on purpose becouse if they sold replacement parts like that people would just fix their busted laptops instead of buying new ones!

Here is what I got so far =)







And here is the vidcard I will buy next.


I want it to be portable so I was thinking of putting it all inside a metal briefcase. Plus then a flat lcd monitor would also fit inside the case.

If I decide to just put it in a tower I will get a

Cube Case

And put it and monitor inside a backpack or something. I havent decided completely yet on what I will do.

Well I have been missing you guys and missing Entropia! I just thought I would give you guys an update on me.

Hopefully I will see you all again soon!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Mad

Thats my good old avatar. I think, VU9 brought a real improvement in graphics although it also brought some bad changes like the equip decay which in my eyes is nothing more than another way to take our peds. I must agree with Neo and many other players that the cheap armors gained a better look than the more expensive ones but i cant yet confirm that VU9 brought more crashes, i experienced none yet. On the other hand i think the new storage and inventory interfaces are a bad idea. Displaying all items in inventory makes it a little chaotic and confusing, although the items currently equipped are "blued out". It makes inventory look messy.
All in all i must say that VU9 brought a real increase in graphics but also some decrease in some parts of gameplay.

So here is new Mad now wearing Gremlin Armor and an Aurora Helmet. I think it looks quite cool and i really love the mirror effects of the armors.

Another question: What you guys think about a society forum? I think it would make discussions easier and would also improve activity in society. Well, tell me your thoughts about that.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Crea

I'm happy to introduce the new Crea. No peds, no boots.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

VU 9.0

Of course there is a lot of discussion on the abou the VU, but i also want to start a private/soc discussion about the new look and feel of EU.

If i look at the picture of Vinzz, before and after, my impression is wauw he looks cool, like a real BOSS. IMO, i look a bit better, too. But my Phantom armor looks like an ugly wetsuit. The new taxes, the new inventory, storage, the dissapearance of the shortkeys when repairing weapons etc are a bit annoying. Also the crashes are irritating. What is your opinion???

cya online, The-One

Monday, October 08, 2007

My current avatar, soon just a remembrance...

The day after...

After reparing clothes (100peds or so), better to compare:
Looks like colorfields on my shirt are swapped.

Friday, October 05, 2007

UT does it again

Just a nice teamhunt with Q, Mad and Code. We got a good HOF, Thanx Team.....

grtz Neo The-one Baan


Neo, congratulations. I don't remember for what but was nice to see you surrounded with all that stars

Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st Anniversary Party

Very quick blog update with some pictures!
It was real fun!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

MadLion and the will of Fortuna

Since i played Entropia I enjoyed it alot and even more since i joined the United Talents. Thanks also go out to my Mentor Patrick Pole Hyde who really introduced me to this game and helped me with any kind of question or problem. After about 3 months and shortly after completing my Discipleship Fortuna favored me with a nice Hunting-HoF.A Caudatergus Young (!) providing me with 2.6 kPEDs. Then i decided to put my focus on Ore-Mining. Except of 2 minor Globals my funds kept vanishing. EU went on like that for about 6 Months. Then I thought about starting mining EN-Matter to keep a basic funding by mining Nexus and sweating. I mined for about 3 weeks sporadically and then it happened. While checking my Nexus-Deposit I found it.

An Extremely Large (XIX) Nexus-Deposit. After drilling for hours decaying several drillers I had extracted all. Income is saved for next months.
In this place thanks go out to Jalia and Rene for providing me with drillers!

Let there be more HoFs like these! :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

United Talents team hunting Hof

Here are some screenshots from our night out to invade the umbranoid camps. Mission was accomplished and loot was good for once with two globals and this rare (for us) team hunting HoF.

Update: Just when that Hof disapeared I got my first solo hunting HoF in 14 months :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

.:| United Talents |:. 1st Anniversary

Dear society members,

On the 17th of september United Talents celebrates its first anniversary. Therefore I have the idea to have some kind of ceremony for all our members.
On the 22th of september at 22:00 MA time I would like to see as many members online as possible. My idea is to get all together to Nymptown, and use to catwalk one by one to present ourselves. Imagine this: all society members are standing around the catwalk, and there you come on the red catwalk! Everybody claps his hands as you present yourself to all online members. A moment of glory, but more a moment of unity!

Please do spread the word about this. And lets try to get as many newbies to collect that TP. After that we can have a little party (dispite the beer) and do a teamhunt. As teamhunt I should suggest a powerfist-event. All members can participate and fun is guaranteed!

More suggestions welcome!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Mining lover

Hey hey hey!

I'm not showing of a global, nor a HoF and neither an ATH... Not that don't want to ;) Many people have asked me why I don't deposit. As a "society leader" (what's in a name) I sometimes feel a bit of a scammer because I gather my PEDs together at the cost of others. I have being mining for a long time now, and almost every probe has been written down and been put in an Excel sheet. Twist knows that I am that fanatic to do that... With that knowledge I manage more and more to keep alive (ped-wise) easily. Also I know the market pretty well... I still do sweat sometimes but that only on my way to a mining place, or when bored and hunting Sabakumas. Here's a little sample of my notes ;)
Every single square is 100mx100m. This site contains Nexus, Light Liquid and (better less than more) sweetstuff.
Cheers!! And I love mining ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

United Talents expansion?

Greetings, society members! As I am sure some of you have heard, there are rumors about United Talents branching out and forming another society for recruits, with our main society standing as a group for training society graduates. The idea was first discussed this weekend, and a number of ideas were put forth. Here’s a little summary of what was mentioned, proposed, and put out for further discussion:

-- The training society would be called something like “United Talents Cadets” or something that implies it is a first-stage group (comments and suggestions are welcome). It would be run by one of the current members of United Talents. A couple of socies have already volunteered to head the new recruit soc, but others are welcome to put their name in to the contest.

-- There would be a fixed promotion requirement to move recruits up through the ranks. New cadets (pupils?) would get their first stripe once they found Wolverine Hope TP. After that, they would progress in line with their abilities. It has been suggested that rank be set on the following criteria for the cadet’s highest ability: 1-9 = first category, 10-19 = second category, 20-29 = third category, 30-39 = fourth category, 40+ is graduation to United Talents main group. Also, if the pupil chooses to perform many tasks and trains in a variety of skills and abilities, their rank could also be based on the average of their Strength, Intelligence, Agility and Psyche times two rather than highest single ability. Of course, this is all up for discussion, and soc members are invited to comment about whether this is too strict or too lenient.

We would also want to provide an incentive for people to want to ascend to the main United Talents soc rather than go freelance or start eyeing other societies. Of course, there are plenty of ways to do this, but it would help if we had a unified plan. One thought was for the higher soc to have a soc store that would be available for higher members to sell their crafted goods. Since I do not know the full details about store ownership, it would be an issue worth investigating. Being a formal mentor for the young cadets would be beneficial as well, and it would provide them with a mentor version item at the end and hopefully instill a little loyalty in them. Of course, they could go on our big hunts and so forth, but this is all up for negotiation. (I suggested that we occasionally hunt the cadets ourselves in a PvP for sport, but people didn’t think that was a great idea.)

Sorry to make everyone do all this reading, but we think this has a lot of potential. What we need right now is ideas and input. Once a bunch of thoughts are put together, we can vote on a solid plan and really expand our numbers. Of course, the top priority will still be to have a good time, but isn’t it more fun to have a good time with a few hundred of your best friends rather than just fifty?

Comment on this bit as soon as possible. I’m gonna go hunting morsilex now, but I will be looking for comments over the next couple of weeks.

Curly Twist Bender

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My First Global (picture, that is)!

They say you never forget your first time! Well, I've had a number of globals, but this was the first one I have ever captured in a screenie. There have been others where I have a pic of me just standing there, and some where the pic is just a black box that takes up 500K. But this one, my many soc-friends, has the sparkly halo, the loot, the location, and the reminder that I had just taken a hit for 61 points of damage (I hate red-colored hits). Irt even shows the area on the map (in Amethera, so if anyone wants to rush over there and see if there are a few more Mature Atroxes running around just dripping with body oil, go ahead.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you a screenie of a mining tower, a HoF or an ATH. I will post those firsts if they ever come up. Here's hoping!!!

Curly Twist Bender

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A "Twist"ed socie sez hello!


Okay, there's more than that. During the summer, our society has endured two major events. First, our numbers have grown rapidly, and we are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with (at least around Wolverine Hope). Second, the European summer has meant that a lot of people are on holiday and will not be back until later, which means they will have a lot of new faces to see and avis to meet. On that note, let me be the first to introduce myself to all new socies and remind the old folks who I am.

Most people know me as Twist, but the full name is Curly Twist Bender. I am one of the resident tailors in the soc, as well as a reasonable miner -- not as good as Beni, but who is? I moved to this world over a year ago, and would be more than glad to help out new members and hunt with the older ones. I am from the USA, so I only speak American -- please do not hold that against me.

I would also like to get some comments on whether anyone would be interested in a fist-hunt in a few weeks. I was thinking Stalkers and Prowlers -- things that loot nicely -- and I know a very convenient place where we can do some armor-free fist-fighting. Who's interested? Comment with what times of the weekend are good or bad. the way...if you want to know what mob we can hunt Stalkers and Prowlers, here's my recommendation:

Just a thought. I will make more plans once our proud socies start commenting.

Curly Twist Bender

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hi all,

I can not log in to my account for a long time . Are you all ok? I miss you guys.:)

Monday, June 11, 2007

23k Uberloot for Neo and UT.

K. After all that crafting and spamming the chatwindow with oreamp globals, all the gratzes you guys gave me. It was MY time to Uberloot. No EU ATH:(, but it sure is a personal ATH, 23k for a Sword.......what the hell.

Still can't really believe it, ...............
CYA Online!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Powerfisting Event

Hello Folks,

I would like to schedule a society event for saturday 19 may - 21:00h MA time.
What do you need: TT Powerfist, no armor. No one should use ranged weapons as this is very annoying during melee hunting.
We already did an event like this and killing big armaxes is no problem if we are with enough people. Members who like to participate please post a comment, because a team can only consist of 12 members.
Fun is guaranteed! Spread the word.

Ok, if you checked society terminal, you will see that we don't have ANY junior recruit anymore. Most are promoted some are booted. So it's time to recruit some new members again... Try to figure out age before and please no 0-days people, if they played a few weeks that's ok. Newbies are fun!


Friday, May 04, 2007

Sorry Peter

While out hunting Troxies this afternoon with Peter a Global came our way. Unfortunately as the screenshot shows we were being ganged up on at the time and shooting different mobs.

Sorry pete for taking all the loot.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday Beacon invitation

Hi all,

I think its time to do a beacon run again :)
I have a becon ready to use.
I im planning it for Saturday April 28, 20.00 MA time. Thats 22.00 Eurotime i think .
You are all invited. I think a mission can take 12 members so there is plenty of room.

Hope that time works for many of you. If not we might have to reschedule.

Its the easiest beacon so all should be able to come.
Some tips:

See you there :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

OMG, I won't have time to even blow those 2.5k peds, I got a JOB :D

Your deity in nivanic state of euphoria

So after a nice weekend (2 team globals on ambus and one on a argo) I kicked of monday with a little bad return hunting. Today however I went solo, trying to get something nice, and being a little nostalic I went to the place where I looted my first amp (an A102), but the loot really really sucked there, so I returned to argus because the atrox south looked too mean to me. I blasted of some snarksnots and exas to get to lvl17 lasersniper, when I got glowies on a snarksnot, so I think, hey I'll even do a little profit (already burned 4k with my breer); but when I looked closer I saw this:

Too pitty, only beni was online at that time, but hey, the most important thing is I not only got my first hunting HoF, but I broke the 1k border :)))
And to say that I was already happy cause I got a phonecall from a company to whom I send a letter, they needed someone desperatly :)
So with some luck (99% sure) I'll have work at 2km from my doorstep (temperarily ofc), wich means I wont even have time to blow away that 2.5k peds :D

your favourite SocBitch
Deity Acronoid

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One sad gaming junkie....

Hi all,

For those who noticed I have not been online for a while I just want to explain that it is due to my laptop being broken, fixed for 1 day and then broke again. This is hell for me.

Hope to see you all soon,

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Bot Fun

Hihi! I figured I would try to post on the blog =) So here are some pics of the globals gotten this weekend on bots!

The pictures are in reverse order from how I got them, my noobness in blog posting =)

The first one, Twist and I were in party together.. The second and third were when Slayer and I were teamed up., And the last one, I was alone.

It was alot of fun! Bots are fun to hunt!
Till next time,

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Society Video

Hi. I have been very busy lately takeing screenshots for a society slideshow. This was going quite well when i thought why stop there, why not go all out and make a video. So after much playing around and alot of frustration i have now got all the software (and finally worked out how to use it).

Thats the hard bit over so now comes the fun part I NEED LOADS OF FOOTAGE.
anyone who wants to be in it please contact me ingame or by e-mail
or leave a comment and we can get together to sweat, hunt, mine or even parade your costumes on the catwalk near Nymphtown. Now come on dont be shy I know you all like to show off at times. Any ideas are welcome.

I want to make this fun so all help is apreciated.



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Society Info

Hey hey! I am still at work so I have a little time to write some words for the blog ;)
This weekend I got me a full set of BoduGuard armor. Peter Slayer crafted 3 parts of it, the rest I had already from auction. (Thanks Peter for this!). I really like the armor for its design. Some people may find it crazy to buy armor that protects like Settler and call it a waste of money because you can't use it. Until I say what can you do with a GemBustier? LOL.
Anyway MissEviL bough a full set too, because it fitted her eyes. :)) And I know Caramon is buying a full set too. It is only a lvl1 crafted armor doesnt cost a thing, but it must be fun to be armored like that and go to Twins :) And doing some eco-sochunt with equal weapons. I know, I always talk about eco sochunting, but that is because I am not a hunter and don't want to waste peds on hunting that much.

OK, as Quentin said below, our society is growing. I personally like a big society, but it may not grow that fast so people don't know eachother anymore. That's should be the start of the decay. Last weekend I rejected a Junior Recruit, and only based on his age: 16 years, to young to join. People who are in and are young don't risk to be booted ;)

Some rules before adding people to our society:

1. Try to figure out their age. 21 should be the minimum age.
2. They should be playing already for a certain time. 1 day people are not allowed.
3. Don't recruit your own disciples until you know he/she's gonna last.
4. Childish/Beggars/Rude people try to avoid them in our soc, the only thing they can give our society is damage.

All members know that our mainbase is Wolverine Hope. Unfortunately I only see little socpeople there: Acronoid, Teshik, Caramon,...
Maybe our mainbase isn't good for you all, no problem, we can pick a new location. But it would be so much fun to see more people of our society at auction, and in one place. It is also VERY good for our society to be seen. So we need a mainbase to log off, use auction, storage, buy ammo, etc... It needs to be a little distant too for new people to have their first goal to make: reaching our homebase, and getting their first promotion.

Last thing, as it is nearly 17.00h and I go home then:

bibi, tata, slukes, and bye!

I'm not an unreasonable person, just crazy...

Hello my dear soccies,

Our soc is growing and doing very well, both due to the great people and the blessing of Lootius. If you don't know what I mean, than read the HoF posts below!!! (and if you didn't know you we great people, just trust me on that one;)
Now I am very happy for all these people and as VinzZ can confirm, I have nothing to complain either. But there is something missing which I want really badly. I want to break the 4k HG skill barrier. Now don't go thinking that this is a minor thing, because as long as I believe in this goal, I will kill to get there:) Some of you already know that I bought a Karma Killer. Mostly because it has a cool name, but also since I am getting pretty tired of battling others at the auction for the overpriced korsses. Now eco sux monkey balls at my skill level, so I have decided to skill up a lot. The plan forsees me climbing from 3600 to 4k HG THIS WEEK. Oh yes, you read correctly, this dude is going to sacrifice his eyes, fingers and social life in order to reach this goal.

Sometimes EU appears to be a living entity and a cruel one at that. When I was just playing at random, I was getting globals like there was no tomorrow and I almost felt sorry for everyone else;) But now that I have a goal in 'life', the loot has disappeared like water in a desert. Now I am not talking about not getting globals - that is perfectly ok - I am talking about getting loot 1 in 10 times! That implies a return of about 7% for me... Guess what that does to my precious ped-card balance! For clearity, I tried relogging multiple times and hunted longus, argos, atrax, atrox, drones, molisks, feffoids, estophyls and those ratched chickens with different weapons, but to no avail. *please imagine some horrible Dutch curses* So I have skilled up from 3600 to 3674 - sweet - but my patience with the loot policy is wearing thin. Perhaps I should go mining a bit, I'm sure I will get a big-ass HoF in no-time;) Than again, it would most certainly be growth molecules and I have been assured those are only good for shit:)
I feel relieved now... Who knows, maybe Magnus the balancing manager takes pity on me and lets me loot an ancient improved nailpolish kit (L).

Wish me good luck and good loot. I'll try to spam some globals while I am at it;)


p.s. Yes, I was bored waiting for my job to get processed, so I went ahead and wrote this nice little post...bite me;)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

OMFG, yesterday evening i was a bit drunk and frustrated so i burned away my pedcard with manufacturing Oreamp 101's. Had a few manu-globals, some better than others. But at the end i was bankcrupt, so i started hunting and a bit of mining to blow-off some steam. And after a few bombs, i hit the jackpot and got my money back, lol! My biggest HOF ever!! THANX UT, and ma.

p.s. with an oreminer 102 it takes a hell of a long time to mine 2,2k Peds in Belkar. Still have 75% to go....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Member update

New members joined our society recently:
(some of them joined a few weeks ago, but I wanted to mention them all)

Boriss Borius BG
Clareeence TheLarcen Treeprotector
Frontsoldat Meto Aight
Lazar Das Kind Lazar
Marco TosSat Tossat
Preston Aurora Evans
Andrada Angelic Angel (previously society leader of Entropia Angels)


Friday, March 16, 2007

Front & Rear

With the pic of the rather large rear on the right, no intro is needed :0)

"But" I just had to share, because since joining EU in November 2006, that's all I've seen of Knyx. Thanks to Vince I can now see her face.

Feel free, when I'm not in EU, to stop by here and rub on the pic (you know which one) for good luck ;o)

Friday, March 09, 2007

My first Global

Hy me dear socies.
Here I post my global in hunting, I got yesterday
Today hunting was as good, although lootius tought it was too soon to give me a second global, so he have me 2 30+ pedders in a row instead (only got a screenie of the first one, both on berry young).

From your favourite
Deity Acronoid

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Member update

A few new members joined UT:

Preston Aurora Evans
and two members from Entropia Angels society:
James JK Kennon
Raul Violatorul Cash

Welcome, and have a nice stay!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Member update

Elfyne left our society, not due to having problems with us. But she prefers to enjoy her stay in EU at her own. What a shame! I will miss her.

VeXlan rejoined our soc, he was booted due to inactivity. I am very happy to see him back!

2nd HOF since i joined UT

My second HOF. Just one item....a modified Korss400(L), but what an expensive one. At first i didn't realise, i thought it was a crapy EWE EP 21 Defender and the golden twirlies were because of a new skillgain or But my god it was a HOF, and my highest loot ever. Very strange such a HOF, with just a low conditioned handgun.... ANYWAY THANX UT and THANX MA..