Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday Beacon invitation

Hi all,

I think its time to do a beacon run again :)
I have a becon ready to use.
I im planning it for Saturday April 28, 20.00 MA time. Thats 22.00 Eurotime i think .
You are all invited. I think a mission can take 12 members so there is plenty of room.

Hope that time works for many of you. If not we might have to reschedule.

Its the easiest beacon so all should be able to come.
Some tips:

See you there :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

OMG, I won't have time to even blow those 2.5k peds, I got a JOB :D

Your deity in nivanic state of euphoria

So after a nice weekend (2 team globals on ambus and one on a argo) I kicked of monday with a little bad return hunting. Today however I went solo, trying to get something nice, and being a little nostalic I went to the place where I looted my first amp (an A102), but the loot really really sucked there, so I returned to argus because the atrox south looked too mean to me. I blasted of some snarksnots and exas to get to lvl17 lasersniper, when I got glowies on a snarksnot, so I think, hey I'll even do a little profit (already burned 4k with my breer); but when I looked closer I saw this:

Too pitty, only beni was online at that time, but hey, the most important thing is I not only got my first hunting HoF, but I broke the 1k border :)))
And to say that I was already happy cause I got a phonecall from a company to whom I send a letter, they needed someone desperatly :)
So with some luck (99% sure) I'll have work at 2km from my doorstep (temperarily ofc), wich means I wont even have time to blow away that 2.5k peds :D

your favourite SocBitch
Deity Acronoid

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One sad gaming junkie....

Hi all,

For those who noticed I have not been online for a while I just want to explain that it is due to my laptop being broken, fixed for 1 day and then broke again. This is hell for me.

Hope to see you all soon,

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Bot Fun

Hihi! I figured I would try to post on the blog =) So here are some pics of the globals gotten this weekend on bots!

The pictures are in reverse order from how I got them, my noobness in blog posting =)

The first one, Twist and I were in party together.. The second and third were when Slayer and I were teamed up., And the last one, I was alone.

It was alot of fun! Bots are fun to hunt!
Till next time,

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Society Video

Hi. I have been very busy lately takeing screenshots for a society slideshow. This was going quite well when i thought why stop there, why not go all out and make a video. So after much playing around and alot of frustration i have now got all the software (and finally worked out how to use it).

Thats the hard bit over so now comes the fun part I NEED LOADS OF FOOTAGE.
anyone who wants to be in it please contact me ingame or by e-mail
or leave a comment and we can get together to sweat, hunt, mine or even parade your costumes on the catwalk near Nymphtown. Now come on dont be shy I know you all like to show off at times. Any ideas are welcome.

I want to make this fun so all help is apreciated.