Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st Anniversary Party

Very quick blog update with some pictures!
It was real fun!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

MadLion and the will of Fortuna

Since i played Entropia I enjoyed it alot and even more since i joined the United Talents. Thanks also go out to my Mentor Patrick Pole Hyde who really introduced me to this game and helped me with any kind of question or problem. After about 3 months and shortly after completing my Discipleship Fortuna favored me with a nice Hunting-HoF.A Caudatergus Young (!) providing me with 2.6 kPEDs. Then i decided to put my focus on Ore-Mining. Except of 2 minor Globals my funds kept vanishing. EU went on like that for about 6 Months. Then I thought about starting mining EN-Matter to keep a basic funding by mining Nexus and sweating. I mined for about 3 weeks sporadically and then it happened. While checking my Nexus-Deposit I found it.

An Extremely Large (XIX) Nexus-Deposit. After drilling for hours decaying several drillers I had extracted all. Income is saved for next months.
In this place thanks go out to Jalia and Rene for providing me with drillers!

Let there be more HoFs like these! :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

United Talents team hunting Hof

Here are some screenshots from our night out to invade the umbranoid camps. Mission was accomplished and loot was good for once with two globals and this rare (for us) team hunting HoF.

Update: Just when that Hof disapeared I got my first solo hunting HoF in 14 months :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

.:| United Talents |:. 1st Anniversary

Dear society members,

On the 17th of september United Talents celebrates its first anniversary. Therefore I have the idea to have some kind of ceremony for all our members.
On the 22th of september at 22:00 MA time I would like to see as many members online as possible. My idea is to get all together to Nymptown, and use to catwalk one by one to present ourselves. Imagine this: all society members are standing around the catwalk, and there you come on the red catwalk! Everybody claps his hands as you present yourself to all online members. A moment of glory, but more a moment of unity!

Please do spread the word about this. And lets try to get as many newbies to collect that TP. After that we can have a little party (dispite the beer) and do a teamhunt. As teamhunt I should suggest a powerfist-event. All members can participate and fun is guaranteed!

More suggestions welcome!