Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Society Info

Hey hey! I am still at work so I have a little time to write some words for the blog ;)
This weekend I got me a full set of BoduGuard armor. Peter Slayer crafted 3 parts of it, the rest I had already from auction. (Thanks Peter for this!). I really like the armor for its design. Some people may find it crazy to buy armor that protects like Settler and call it a waste of money because you can't use it. Until I say what can you do with a GemBustier? LOL.
Anyway MissEviL bough a full set too, because it fitted her eyes. :)) And I know Caramon is buying a full set too. It is only a lvl1 crafted armor doesnt cost a thing, but it must be fun to be armored like that and go to Twins :) And doing some eco-sochunt with equal weapons. I know, I always talk about eco sochunting, but that is because I am not a hunter and don't want to waste peds on hunting that much.

OK, as Quentin said below, our society is growing. I personally like a big society, but it may not grow that fast so people don't know eachother anymore. That's should be the start of the decay. Last weekend I rejected a Junior Recruit, and only based on his age: 16 years, to young to join. People who are in and are young don't risk to be booted ;)

Some rules before adding people to our society:

1. Try to figure out their age. 21 should be the minimum age.
2. They should be playing already for a certain time. 1 day people are not allowed.
3. Don't recruit your own disciples until you know he/she's gonna last.
4. Childish/Beggars/Rude people try to avoid them in our soc, the only thing they can give our society is damage.

All members know that our mainbase is Wolverine Hope. Unfortunately I only see little socpeople there: Acronoid, Teshik, Caramon,...
Maybe our mainbase isn't good for you all, no problem, we can pick a new location. But it would be so much fun to see more people of our society at auction, and in one place. It is also VERY good for our society to be seen. So we need a mainbase to log off, use auction, storage, buy ammo, etc... It needs to be a little distant too for new people to have their first goal to make: reaching our homebase, and getting their first promotion.

Last thing, as it is nearly 17.00h and I go home then:

bibi, tata, slukes, and bye!

I'm not an unreasonable person, just crazy...

Hello my dear soccies,

Our soc is growing and doing very well, both due to the great people and the blessing of Lootius. If you don't know what I mean, than read the HoF posts below!!! (and if you didn't know you we great people, just trust me on that one;)
Now I am very happy for all these people and as VinzZ can confirm, I have nothing to complain either. But there is something missing which I want really badly. I want to break the 4k HG skill barrier. Now don't go thinking that this is a minor thing, because as long as I believe in this goal, I will kill to get there:) Some of you already know that I bought a Karma Killer. Mostly because it has a cool name, but also since I am getting pretty tired of battling others at the auction for the overpriced korsses. Now eco sux monkey balls at my skill level, so I have decided to skill up a lot. The plan forsees me climbing from 3600 to 4k HG THIS WEEK. Oh yes, you read correctly, this dude is going to sacrifice his eyes, fingers and social life in order to reach this goal.

Sometimes EU appears to be a living entity and a cruel one at that. When I was just playing at random, I was getting globals like there was no tomorrow and I almost felt sorry for everyone else;) But now that I have a goal in 'life', the loot has disappeared like water in a desert. Now I am not talking about not getting globals - that is perfectly ok - I am talking about getting loot 1 in 10 times! That implies a return of about 7% for me... Guess what that does to my precious ped-card balance! For clearity, I tried relogging multiple times and hunted longus, argos, atrax, atrox, drones, molisks, feffoids, estophyls and those ratched chickens with different weapons, but to no avail. *please imagine some horrible Dutch curses* So I have skilled up from 3600 to 3674 - sweet - but my patience with the loot policy is wearing thin. Perhaps I should go mining a bit, I'm sure I will get a big-ass HoF in no-time;) Than again, it would most certainly be growth molecules and I have been assured those are only good for shit:)
I feel relieved now... Who knows, maybe Magnus the balancing manager takes pity on me and lets me loot an ancient improved nailpolish kit (L).

Wish me good luck and good loot. I'll try to spam some globals while I am at it;)


p.s. Yes, I was bored waiting for my job to get processed, so I went ahead and wrote this nice little post...bite me;)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

OMFG, yesterday evening i was a bit drunk and frustrated so i burned away my pedcard with manufacturing Oreamp 101's. Had a few manu-globals, some better than others. But at the end i was bankcrupt, so i started hunting and a bit of mining to blow-off some steam. And after a few bombs, i hit the jackpot and got my money back, lol! My biggest HOF ever!! THANX UT, and ma.

p.s. with an oreminer 102 it takes a hell of a long time to mine 2,2k Peds in Belkar. Still have 75% to go....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Member update

New members joined our society recently:
(some of them joined a few weeks ago, but I wanted to mention them all)

Boriss Borius BG
Clareeence TheLarcen Treeprotector
Frontsoldat Meto Aight
Lazar Das Kind Lazar
Marco TosSat Tossat
Preston Aurora Evans
Andrada Angelic Angel (previously society leader of Entropia Angels)


Friday, March 16, 2007

Front & Rear

With the pic of the rather large rear on the right, no intro is needed :0)

"But" I just had to share, because since joining EU in November 2006, that's all I've seen of Knyx. Thanks to Vince I can now see her face.

Feel free, when I'm not in EU, to stop by here and rub on the pic (you know which one) for good luck ;o)

Friday, March 09, 2007

My first Global

Hy me dear socies.
Here I post my global in hunting, I got yesterday
Today hunting was as good, although lootius tought it was too soon to give me a second global, so he have me 2 30+ pedders in a row instead (only got a screenie of the first one, both on berry young).

From your favourite
Deity Acronoid

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Member update

A few new members joined UT:

Preston Aurora Evans
and two members from Entropia Angels society:
James JK Kennon
Raul Violatorul Cash

Welcome, and have a nice stay!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Member update

Elfyne left our society, not due to having problems with us. But she prefers to enjoy her stay in EU at her own. What a shame! I will miss her.

VeXlan rejoined our soc, he was booted due to inactivity. I am very happy to see him back!

2nd HOF since i joined UT

My second HOF. Just one item....a modified Korss400(L), but what an expensive one. At first i didn't realise, i thought it was a crapy EWE EP 21 Defender and the golden twirlies were because of a new skillgain or s.th.... But my god it was a HOF, and my highest loot ever. Very strange such a HOF, with just a low conditioned handgun.... ANYWAY THANX UT and THANX MA..

Thursday, March 01, 2007

For the newer players in our soc :)

I have come accross an amazing contest, while browsing the forums.
Helas, I am too skilled up to participate.

But if you have an agility lower then 30 and Hitpoints lower then 100 then click link below

prize has a tt value of 458 ped :-O

that makes 544.50 resell value

Damm, my agility :D

O, and if someone wins, you can thank me with a nice lase sight (J/K)

With warm greetings
Deity Acronoid, your favourite socbitch in town ;)