Sunday, October 21, 2007

Missing UT

Heya all! Well I am sure Boney already told you all that my computer died. *cry
I have another pc at home which I am on right now however, it is not strong enough to run Entropia. I am building a new pc as we speak though, I have already gotten the motherboard and cpu in mail. And this week I ordered power supply, ram, harddrive, and dvd drive. I only lack vidcard monitor and case. I want my new computer to be portable however I will never buy another laptop, pieces of trash. I searched everywhere online for a replacement motherboard for my laptop and of course, they are nowhere to be found.....Which they do on purpose becouse if they sold replacement parts like that people would just fix their busted laptops instead of buying new ones!

Here is what I got so far =)







And here is the vidcard I will buy next.


I want it to be portable so I was thinking of putting it all inside a metal briefcase. Plus then a flat lcd monitor would also fit inside the case.

If I decide to just put it in a tower I will get a

Cube Case

And put it and monitor inside a backpack or something. I havent decided completely yet on what I will do.

Well I have been missing you guys and missing Entropia! I just thought I would give you guys an update on me.

Hopefully I will see you all again soon!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Mad

Thats my good old avatar. I think, VU9 brought a real improvement in graphics although it also brought some bad changes like the equip decay which in my eyes is nothing more than another way to take our peds. I must agree with Neo and many other players that the cheap armors gained a better look than the more expensive ones but i cant yet confirm that VU9 brought more crashes, i experienced none yet. On the other hand i think the new storage and inventory interfaces are a bad idea. Displaying all items in inventory makes it a little chaotic and confusing, although the items currently equipped are "blued out". It makes inventory look messy.
All in all i must say that VU9 brought a real increase in graphics but also some decrease in some parts of gameplay.

So here is new Mad now wearing Gremlin Armor and an Aurora Helmet. I think it looks quite cool and i really love the mirror effects of the armors.

Another question: What you guys think about a society forum? I think it would make discussions easier and would also improve activity in society. Well, tell me your thoughts about that.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Crea

I'm happy to introduce the new Crea. No peds, no boots.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

VU 9.0

Of course there is a lot of discussion on the abou the VU, but i also want to start a private/soc discussion about the new look and feel of EU.

If i look at the picture of Vinzz, before and after, my impression is wauw he looks cool, like a real BOSS. IMO, i look a bit better, too. But my Phantom armor looks like an ugly wetsuit. The new taxes, the new inventory, storage, the dissapearance of the shortkeys when repairing weapons etc are a bit annoying. Also the crashes are irritating. What is your opinion???

cya online, The-One

Monday, October 08, 2007

My current avatar, soon just a remembrance...

The day after...

After reparing clothes (100peds or so), better to compare:
Looks like colorfields on my shirt are swapped.

Friday, October 05, 2007

UT does it again

Just a nice teamhunt with Q, Mad and Code. We got a good HOF, Thanx Team.....

grtz Neo The-one Baan


Neo, congratulations. I don't remember for what but was nice to see you surrounded with all that stars